Bio: I'm a digital media anthropologist, seeking the balance between human interaction and online communication and expression. I follow news, books, music, photography, film, fashion, technology innovations, and food, and share experiences that have taught me, or others close to me, something new. Although Aristotle says "There is nothing new, only well forgotten old," i believe it is how we perceive it in relation to our cumulative knowledge and intuitive understanding, that will take us to a next level of humanity. I hope you find zen and inspiration on my blog. About me: I love ripe tomatoes, dark chocolate with hazelnuts, Chopin and Bach, but also loud rhythmic bass thumping in my car, slivers of light that bounce off objects and then disappear, watching people at airports, smell of beach, loosing myself in a painting, 5" heels, anything black and structured to wear, babies' laughter, my dogs. Love movies that leave you thinking, but also hilarious movies with not much intellectual value to them at all. I may be the first one to break into a dance at a party, I close my eyes and use an imaginary baton when listening to Mozart's Requiem or Prokofiev's Romeo & Juliet: Montagues & Capulets dance scene. Meanwhile, regularly seen at age-inappropriate dubstep/elecrto concerts. My posts are random, and ...well... they may be too eclectic for more structured readers. But I can't help it, I have the curiosity of a toddler, and work hard on keeping it that way until my last breath. Thank you for being here!

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