How Nigel Kennedy Taught Me To Love Bach, All Over Again! Happy Birthday J.S.!

Today is J.S.Bach’s 328th Birthday!

Bach is so simple, and yet so utterly complete! There is nothing that needs to be added or subtracted from his divine flow of notes and vibrations!

Another gifted musician once said about Bach: “As you know this guy never wrote one inferior piece of work!”
Neither did Nigel Kennedy ever play one [inferior piece]!

As for the latter… He’s not only incredibly talented, funny and down to earth, but he also chose to never grow up!
I was honored to meet Nigel during his performance with the Tonhalle Orchester Zürich in the mid-90s. The concert was sold out! The last ticket sold literally in front of my family. We were disappointed and about to leave, when they said, they found a way to seat more people. And from having no tickets at all, we were able to sit on the stage right behind him and his group of 5 musicians! He had demanded that more chairs were placed in every possible place to accommodate everyone who has come to hear and see him perform! To sweeten the deal, he also demanded that the tickets be sold at half price as they were not regular seats… He came on the stage and said hello to each of us on stage, shaking our hands.
It was an unforgettable evening!

What is most memorable about Nigel, is that he brings all the spontaneity, experimentation and wonderful frivolousness of a curious child to his musical performances, while maintaining the precision of a musical surgeon with every nuance of the melody.
He makes you discover the same piece of music, you’ve heard for years, in a way you’ve never felt before.

Enjoy the “Inventionen und Sinfonien.”

Nigel Kennedy recorded this in 2006 with the Irish Chamber Orchestra at the stunning church in Dingle in County Kerry known for its exquisite acoustics and intimate ambiance.


2 thoughts on “How Nigel Kennedy Taught Me To Love Bach, All Over Again! Happy Birthday J.S.!

  1. If you want to hear a fresh take on Bach, listen to the two Bach tracks on Nigel’s latest CD, “Recital.” You’ll go back to Bach with a completely different mindset and hear him as if for the first time.

    • Thank you Elsie! I will never forget meeting Nigel and being part of his concert (literally!) He doesn’t play music, he lives through it, and pulls you into his experience!

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