Savant – Mother Earth

Always acknowledge and appreciate amazing Aspies!
Aleksander Vinter a.k.a. Savant, the Norwegian composer/musician/producer is on the spectrum, yet he creates music since he was 4! He transformed classical pieces, video game music, black metal and house, into a distinct style that music industry experts are trying to fit into dub step, electro house, glitch-hop, trap, and moombahcore.
He’s unique, multifaceted, prolific and obviously very humble!
At only 24, he just released his 9th album since 2009! He should be way more famous than he is.
Psyched that he’s making his first US trip and first stop in the ATL! Can’t wait! Shout out to Savant!

Savant – Mother Earth (Original Mix)
Savant’s track “Mother Earth” off of his December ‘Alchemist’ LP. Beautiful electro house tune, very similar synthwork to Mord Fustang. Enjoy! Purchase the a…


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