There are certain days when the light comes and goes. Clouds cover the sun, only to open up for a second and release a bright sliver of blinding sunshine… On days like this, it’s impossible not to appreciate the transient nature of everything material. The moving shadows of the clouds on the river’s surface, the grass is a deeper emerald, and the branches of the trees are more prominent.
And then you blink, and everything has changed again. It’s not better, it’s not worse, it’s just different and we accept it. Our lives sometimes experience the same blink of an eye changes. And it’s nothing that nature doesn’t experience every second of its existence. So why is it so hard for us to accept change as the constant, and permanence as the variable.





3 thoughts on “Untitled

    • Thank YOU! I find the more I photograph nature, the more I learn about myself. There is nothing forced, everything just seems to flow, yield and rebound. I wish we could all be more like that… Please visit often and comment. I am grateful for your presence, and especially, feedback on my blog! You can follow me on twitter too @Zenocracy. I will visit your blog as well. Wishing you peace and a wonderful Holiday Season!

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